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Jenson Fasteners, Inc.
is as unique as the website we developed. Jenson is a global fastener company, specializing in a wide variety of items from basic screws, nuts, bolts and washers to specialty items and everything in between. From our locations both in Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico, we have a niche in the market very few distributors have.

As you can see from the line brochure within our web site, our capabilities are endless. Combined, our employees have well over 150 years of fastener experience, which we feel we offers a great advantage over the competition both in knowledge and experience. It also offers our customers the peace of mind of the correct information and product the first time around.

Our clientele is as wide as the countries we service. From distributors like ourselves to high tech companies in the aerospace and electronic industry, we offer a friendly voice, huge selection of stock items and extremely competitive pricing.

Jenson Fasteners offers a wide variety of services for our clientele. The services we offer include Kan Ban, bin replenishment services and kitting. We stock over 100,000 items in our warehouse and have the capabilities of sourcing even the hardest to find items for our customers. Our warehouse and offices are in the same location, assuring better control over incoming and outgoing products. Same day shipping is available upon request and stock availability.

Quality control is of the utmost importance. All of our items are traceable to their source and we currently have ISO-9002 systems in place. We are currently planning for ISO certification in the near future.

Jenson Fastener, Inc. looks forward to assisting you in your hardware needs. Please feel free to contact us, and let us demonstrate to you why we are growing into the #1 supplier for so many of our customers.